Sega CD2 Fuse (125v 2.5A Pico Fuse)

Sega CD2 Fuse (125v 2.5A Pico Fuse)


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125V 2.5A Pico fuse Sega CD Model 2 consoles. 

Designed to break on purpose, fuses are used as safety devices that prevent over current from damaging components on a PCB. A common problem of Sega CD systems not powering on is a blown fuse.

Diagnosing a blown fuse is a simple process with a multimeter in continuity mode. Placing your probes on either end of the fuse leads should result in a beep. If you don't hear a beep or buzz from your meter the fuse is likely blown and will need to be replaced. 

These pico fuses are easy to install with only basic soldering. Only 1 fuse is provided in this listing.

Installation Note: Earlier revisions of the Sega CD2 mainboard used a through hole fuse while later ones used a surface mount on the underside of the board. This replacement fuse can be used on either of the variations.


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