Retro Arcade Cookie/Fondant Cutters

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Elevate your baking game with our Pac-Man-inspired cookie cutters, designed to infuse a touch of retro arcade gaming into your kitchen! Crafted for versatility, these cutters are perfect for shaping cookie dough, fondant, modeling clay, and beyond.

Unleash your creativity with two Pac-Man-themed cutouts, each meticulously crafted from food-safe PLA, ensuring a delightful and safe culinary experience. Sized at approximately 3.6" x 3.6", these cutters add a nostalgic flair to your creations.

Please note, for optimal care and longevity, these cutters are not dishwasher safe – a gentle hand wash is all they need to maintain their charm. Upgrade your baking repertoire with these playful and unique kitchen essentials!

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