NES Capacitor Kit (NES-001 NTSC)

RF/Power Module: Alps
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This capacitor refresh kit conveniently has all the caps you need to replace the original OEM components on your Nintendo NES (NES-001, NTSC) console on both the mainboard and power/RF module.

In addition to all the capacitors, this kit includes a bridge rectifier diode to replace the one found on the power module.  When these rectifiers go faulty you can guarantee your NES won't power on!

But wait, there's more... Included is a printed layout map to help guide installation for the specific model/revision board you have.

Symptoms of bad capacitors can include

  • Poor quality or distorted video
  • Poor or distorted audio quality
  • No audio
  • No video
  • No power
  • Audio "humming"
  • Inconsistent voltage to other components
  • Capacitor will often swell (look for bulging/discoloration) and will eventually leak
  • Corrosive leakage can ruin other components

Kit is compatible with either Alps or Mitsumi Power/RF Module. If you are unsure of which one you have, look at the module itself, there should be an "Alps" or "Mitsumi" logo stamped in to the metal cover.

This kit makes no guarantees that it will fix the issue you are experiencing with your console but replacing old capacitors is usually a good troubleshooting step - and a fairly simple and inexpensive one.

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