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Despite its age, the Wii still has a lot of life in it. It has a massive game library with some amazing titles and fun accessories that get you up and moving. To make the Wii even better you can "soft modify" it to run third-party apps and games alongside official Nintendo licensed ones.

These GameCube compatible Wiis (model RVL-001) have already been fully modded and ready for your game room!

What can you do with a soft-modded Wii?

  • Run third-party homebrew games
  • Play backup games from an external hard drive
  • Play non-ntsc region games (there are some great JP titles!)
  • Continue to play normal game discs and use Wii accessories
  • Install emulators for your favorite retro consoles (NES, Genesis, 2600, etc)

We set up a small guide to help get started Using You Modded Wii once you get one home!

"Soft modding" is the process of manipulating the existing Nintendo Wii software for the purpose of injecting your own apps. There's plenty of instructions on the internet on how to do this yourself but be very cautious! Some of those guides are poorly written and one wrong setting could mean you just turned your awesome Wii console in to a brick for the scrap heap! Because of the dangers involved we recommend buying a Wii console that has already been modded and configured by professionals (er, us!).

    These Wii consoles are GameCube compatible, RVL-001/NTSC models and have been fully soft-modded with Homebrew Channel and USBLoaderGX. Includes SD Card.

    Console only. No other games or accessories are included. Screenshots are stock images. All consoles have normal wear from use but conditions are very good. Fully tested and ready to rock!



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