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This capacitor refresh kit has all the caps you need to replace the original OEM ones on your Sega Master System console. This is a "universal" kit in that it will work with NTSC models 837-6629, 837-6067, and 837-6045. Included is a layout map to help guide installation for the specific model/revision board you have.

Typically, capacitors last around 25 to 35 years, that puts the Sega Master System console right at the end of their life and ripe for a refresh.

Symptoms of bad capacitors can include:

- Poor quality or distorted video
- Poor or distorted audio quality
- No audio
- No video
- Audio "humming"
- Inconsistent voltage to other components
- Capacitor will often swell (look for bulging) and will eventually leak
- Corrosive leakage can ruin other components

This kit makes no guarantees that it will fix the issue you are experiencing with your console but replacing old capacitors is usually a good troubleshooting step - and a fairly simple and inexpensive one.

Kit Includes 18 Capacitors:

- 16v 10uF (x7)
- 10v 100uF (x6)
- 10v 47uF (x3)
- 50v 1uF (x1)
- 16v 100uF (x1)

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