GameCube Battery Mod + Color Power LED Kit

LED Color: Blue
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The Nintendo Gamecube is 20+ years old. What that means is it's very likely the CMOS battery has just about had it if it hasn't already died! You can tell if the battery is dead if your console is prompting you to set the date and time each time you power it on. 

The stock CMOS battery is soldered to the controller port board making it a pain to easily replace. This mod kit includes a battery holder (along with a new CR2032 3V battery) for easy replacement in the future.

While you've got the Gamecube opened up and the soldering iron out, why not add some flare? Choose a new power LED color to make your Gamecube rock even harder! Can't decide which color you want? Go with the multi pack - includes Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, and White LEDs!

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