GameCube Battery Mod + Color Power LED Kit

LED Color: Blue
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Unlock the full potential of your vintage Nintendo Gamecube with our essential mod kit!

After over 20 years of loyal service, the CMOS battery is likely on its last legs – if you find yourself constantly resetting the date and time, it's a clear sign your battery needs attention.

But fear not! Our mod kit is here to save the day. With a new battery holder for easy future replacements accompanied by a brand-new CR2032 3V battery, your Gamecube should keep running smoothly for years to come!

And that's not all – while you're diving into the heart of your Gamecube, why not inject some personality into it? Elevate your gaming experience by choosing a new power LED color. Whether you're feeling bold with blue, energetic with red, or serene with green, we've got you covered. Can't decide? Opt for the multi-pack and enjoy a vibrant spectrum of colors, including Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, and White LEDs.

Revitalize your gaming console, enhance its functionality, and add a touch of personal style with our Gamecube mod kit – because your gaming experience deserves an upgrade!

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