Game Boy Bivert Chip and Backlight Kit

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The Nintendo Game Boy boasts a library of amazing titles. With games like Pokémon Red and Blue, Link's Awakening, and Tetris, it's no wonder the Game Boy is as popular as ever.

But that original dot matrix green colored screen needs an update for the modern age!

This kit will upgrade your DMG-001 Game Boy with two must have features:


Included is an LED matrix backlight to brighten the Game Boy display. No need for an external light source for you to see your screen!

Hex Inverter / Bivert Mod Chip

Soldered to the Game Boy's main board, the Bivert Chip is going to increase the contrast and make your screen look oh so crisp like you've never seen it before.


Full list of included components with this kit: 

  • Polarization Lens
  • Resistor
  • Wires
  • Bivert Chip
  • Backlight LED
  • Plastic Spudger

...and we wont leave you searching YouTube for how to install this. Instructions are included.

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