Dreamcast Resettable Fuse (72v 400mA Fuse)

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Dreamcast consoles have a fuse on their controller port PCB to prevent overcurrent from a controller or other plugged in accessory from damaging your console. Unfortunately, unplugging your controller while the console is powered on is known to be enough of a jolt to trip the fuse causing it to no longer recognize any controllers.

This 72v 400mA quick resettable fuse is the recommended replacement for the stock OEM fuse.  The replacement is an upgrade as it is a self-resetting fuse. If the fuse ever trips, simply unplugging your console for a few minutes should reset the fuse and you'll be back to gaming in no time.

Image shown is a stock photo for a LittelFuse X20. The product series number may vary from the actual fuses you receive. 

Fuse Specs

Termination Style Radial
Hold Current 200mA
Max Voltage 72V
Trip Current 400mA
Resistance 4.4Ohms
Min Op Temp -40c
Max Op Temp +85c

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