Dreamcast Controller Port Refresh Kit

Dreamcast Controller Port Refresh Kit

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This repair and upgrade kit includes the components you need to resurrect a Sega Dreamcast with dead controller ports and get back gaming again. Even if you are not experiencing problems with the controller ports, this kit can be used to upgrade the stock fuse as preventive maintenance. The included battery holder will make replacing the CMOS battery effortless when it needs to be replaced.

The Dreamcast Controller Port Kit includes:

- 1 Resettable Fuse
- 1 Capacitor
- 1 Battery Holder

The most likely cause of dead Dreamcast ports is a blown fuse. The 72v 400mA fuse included in this kit is an upgrade from the original design as it is resettable, meaning, if the fuse blows again it will automatically reset after a power cycle. of the Dreamcast (yes, turning it off and on again!).

Capacitors keep a consistent and even flow of electricity to the controller board components. This kit includes a replacement 47uf 10v capacitor. Capacitors degrade over time so it's a good idea to replace it with a new one while you have the circuit board out. It's also possible that a bad capacitor could trip a fuse.

Battery Holder
The stock CMOS battery requires soldering to replace. This upgrade allows for easy replacement of the battery in the future without the need for soldering. Battery is not included, only the holder.

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