Dreamcast Controller Port Board - Pre-modded w/ Battery & Fuse

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Modding or repairing your console usually means knowing how to solder and having all the right equipment and tools to do so. Not to mention the risk of damaging your gear if you're not exactly sure what you're doing! So what do you do when your beloved Dreamcast can’t keep the date or the controller stops working when plugged in?

These Sega Dreamcast Controller Port Boards have been pre-modded with a new  removable coin cell battery socket and resettable fuse. Battery is included - and it's a genuine ML2032. While we were at it, we swapped out the resistor and capacitor so every component on this board is brand spanking new.

It's easy to swap out this board with the one in your Dreamcast - no soldering required!




These boards are for the common 

3 Pin plastic fan port. 


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