Atari 2600 JR Refresh Kit

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This Atari 2600 JR refresh kit conveniently has all the components you need to fix the most common issues found on this console.

  • Poor audio quality
  • Does not power on
  • Distorted, mis-colored, or flickering graphics
  • No sound

Included with this component kit are:


Five electrolytic caps to replace the aging ones found at C20, C26, C27, C29, and C37. 

Two ceramic capacitors to replace the low quality and failure-prone styrene caps found at C53 and C54.


1 Amp Voltage Regulator with heat-sink paste and nut/screw to secure it to the board.

DC Power jack

Red LED 


Also included is a layout map to help locate where each component belongs on the PCB.

Depending on the mainboard revision, some capacitors may not be needed.

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