SNES Power Fuse (125V 1.5A Pico Fuse)


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125V 1.5A Pico fuse as found on the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom consoles. 

Designed to break on purpose, fuses are used as safety devices that prevent over current from damaging components on a PCB. A common problem of SNES and Super Famicom systems not powering on is a blown fuse.

Diagnosing a blown fuse is a simple process with a multimeter in continuity mode. Placing your probes on either end of the fuse leads should result in a beep. If you don't hear a beep or buzz from your meter the fuse is likely blown and will need to be replaced. 

These pico fuses are easy to install with only basic soldering.

Only 1 fuse is provided in this listing.


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