Controller Port Board Layout 

Dreamcast Controller Port PCB Layout

Components List


Location: LED1

Choose the LED color you like best. Be sure to install the new LED with the positive/longer lead (anode) to the left of the board as shown on the above diagram by a +. If you want to keep the original LED, be sure to mark the positive side with a marker for later reference.

150 Ohm, 0.5w Resistor

Location: n/a

The resistor reduces the amount of current passing through it to the LED. The more resistance, the less bright the LED becomes. This optional component can be used to reduce the brightness of the resistor

If you choose. This can be a little tricky to install as it needs to be placed between the LED’s positive lead and the PCB.

Note that there is a resistor on the controller port board (R1) but it is for the rechargeable battery, not the LED.


Installation Tips

The soldering pads for the power LED are sensitive and prone to damage so be careful while soldering and desoldering. Using flux and a lower heat setting on your iron may help.


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