72v 400mA Resettable Fuse (5 pack)


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Blown fuses are a common problem on Sega Dreamcast consoles. If your dreamcast boots up but no response from your controller no matter which port you plug it in to, it's most likely the fuse. 

This 72v 400mA fuse can be used as a replacement to get your Dreamcast playing games again. It's also an upgrade from the OEM design as it is a "resettable fuse" - meaning, if the fuse blows again, unplugging your Dreamcast for a few seconds will reset the fuse and you'll be back to gaming.

Bulk pack of 5, perfect for the console flipper or anyone repairing Sega Dreamcasts.

Image shown is a stock photo for a LittelFuse X20. The product series number may vary from the actual fuses you receive.

Fuse Specs

 Termination Style Radial
Hold Current 200mA
Max Voltage 72V
Trip Current 400mA
Resistance 4.4Ohms

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